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Sprained Ankle Rehab

The GABO Board: Infinitely Adjustable.You’re secret weapon against ankle sprains.


So you sprained your ankle. No question about it, they’re the worst. If it happened recently, it’s probably swollen and painful to walk. Possibly worse than the pain, is the fact that you can no longer partake in your favorite activities.

There is hope though. The GABO Board, the only fully adjustable balance board on the market, is you’re your secret weapon against your ankle sprain.  Just follow the 3 steps below and use your GABO Board regularly, you’ll get back on your feet in no time.

Let’s get started:

Step 1: R.I.C.E – Before getting on your GABO Board for the first 24-72 Hours after your sprain, use the RICE guidelines to bring down the swelling and help relieve your pain.

Rest: During this first phase, stay off your ankle as much as possible. This means staying seated as much as possible and possibly using crutches if the pain is bad enough.

Ice: Use ice to keep the swelling down. You can do this every few hours for no more than 20 minutes. This will also help with the pain. 

Compression: Wrap your ankle or use a compression sock. This will both help keep the swelling down as well as give you some support while your ankle heals. Remember, not too tight, you don’t want to restrict circulation.

Elevate: This one is best done at night. When you sleep keep your ankle above heart level. This will help keep fluids from stagnating around your injury.

Step 2: Start Moving: Before you start the Real rehab on the GABO Board, start with small movements. This will help you regain some of you range of motion without adding any extra stress. Little by little, keep moving your ankle in figure 8’s or spell out the alphabet.

 Don’t push to hard. You may have some pain, but it should be manageable. Remember that the path sprain recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t get frustrated   and remember small progress.

Step 3: Balance and Strength Training with the GABO Board. Once you can put your weight on your ankle, it’s time to start your rehab regime. Resist the urge to keep resting. Countless studies, including a recent one from Harvard University, have shown that balance and strength training not only speed up recovery, but also significantly reduce your chances of getting injured again.

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